1300*1000mm New Design PVC Cooling Tower Fill

1300*1000mm New Design PVC Cooling Tower Fill

Material: PVC
Dimension: W1300*L

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1300*1000mm New Design PVC Cooling Tower Fill

Cooling tower fill media is one of the most important components for exchange of gas and water in cooling tower.  The heat and resistance characteristic of the cooling tower fill are the main factors influencing the cooling  efficiency. Moreover the quality of the material will influence the fill’s lifetime.

Item name
New design cooling tower fill media
Sheet thickness
0.25-0.4 mm
Sheet size
W1300*L1000 mm
Flute size
20 mm

Details for new design cooling tower fill media

The film media size of 1300 * 1000 with sheet spacing 20 mm, mainly used for closed-type cooling tower. Its advantages: the water drift eliminator is S-type, in the case of strong wind pressure to effectively reduce the drift rate of water vapor, allowing users to install additional water collection device Cost, filler heat surface pattern than the ordinary filler deepened the heat dissipation area. Installment by glue or hanging. Can match the Spindle 1300 * 1000 filler.

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