Anti-cloging Spiral Full Cone Spray Jet Water Nozzles

Anti-cloging Spiral Full Cone Spray Jet Water Nozzles

Material: PP
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Anti-cloging Spiral Full Cone Spray Jet Water Nozzles

The spiral nozzle is normally used for desulphurization application; Material made from PP(Polypropylene).

Proportion: 0.9-0.91 gram/cubic centimeter

Formation shrinkage: 1.0-2.5%.

Formation temperatures: 160-220°C.

Spiral Cone Nozzle Features:
Spiral nozzle is a full cone-shaped or hollow cone-spray nozzle, Jet angle scope can be from 60 ° to 170 °, generally 120 °. At 3 bar pressure, the liquid flow rate range is from 5.5 L/min to 140 L/min, widely used in the flue gas desulphurization and dust removal, exhaust gas and wastewater disposing, fireproof and firefighting, spray cleaning, etc.

Spiral nozzle can be installed or updated in the majority of the pipeline system.


Thread dimension 1/4 3/8 1/2 3/4 1 1-1/2 2 2-1/2
L(mm) 46 50 63 66 90 152 132 155
product color red red red red red black black black


1. Power plant, burning coal project desulfurization and denitration.
2. Air purification, air cooling and defoaming.
3. Evaporation, cooling, and dust controlling
4. Wetting air by dust removing spray–environment protect
5. Pre-treatment requires for non-blocking spray
6. Air cooling
7. Exhaust gas cleaning

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