CF-1900 Cross Fluted PVC Cooling Tower Fill

CF-1900 Cross Fluted PVC Cooling Tower Fill

Material: PVC/PP
Sheet dimension: 150/300/600mm*L
Flute size: 12/15/19mm

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CF-1900 Cross Fluted PVC Cooling Tower Fill

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Material: PVC/PP
Water temperature: -35~70℃
Application: counter-flow cooling tower
Sheet Thickness: 0.25-0.45mm
Sheet pitch: 12/15/19mm
Sheet width: 150/305/600mm
Sheet length: customized
Density: 1.39-1.45g/cm³

Cross fluted cooling tower fill CF-1900 improve water distribution by splitting the water stream as it descends through the fill pack. The CF1900 fill splits the water stream 8 times in a 12” (305 mm) vertical path. High thermal performance (high KaV/L) and low pressure drop are simultaneously achieved through engineered flute/micro structure design and the highest manufacturing standards.

It has the advantages of direct replacement, performance enhancement, and water condition compatibility. Allow various heat loads, flow rates, water quality, and horse power combinations selections.

Specs of Cross fluted cooling tower fill:
oblique fill specs

Details of Cross fluted cooling tower fill:

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