Floating Bio Ball For Waste Water Treatment

Floating Bio Ball For Waste Water Treatment

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Floating Bio Ball

Floating Bio Ball is a new product which was concentrated two technology’s advantage that is waste water treatment & Bio-film Reactor. It is a two-double ball which made of PP & PE,Outer structure is two net-shaped spheres, Inner structure is revolving sphere.

Application: waste water treatment of Petrochemical, food, textile, dyeing, leather, pharmacy.

Advantage :
cultivation of microbes easily
convenience replacing
corrosion &alkali resistance
long time of usage
Easy installation

Technical Specifications

Structure Shape Specifications Acid-Alkali Resistance Continuous Heat Resistance Brickle Temperature Specific Area Void Rate Specific Weight Number/m³
two-double 150 stability 80-90 -10 380 ≥97 0.92 350
ball shape 100 stability 80-91 -10 700 ≥96 0.92 1000
ball shape 80 stability 80-92 -10 800 ≥95 0.92 2000

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