L Shape Plastic Spray nozzles for waste water treatment

L Shape Plastic Spray nozzles for waste water treatment

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ABS Plastic Spray nozzles for waste water treatment

Cooling tower spray nozzle introduction

Cooling tower spray nozzle is made of ABS plastic by injection molding craft, with special design, connected with water pipe connection firmly , it is not easy to fall off, to ensure the safety of water distribution system for long-term operation.Cooling nozzle has advantage of light weight, high strength, low using water and water distribution uniformity, good splashing water effect, good heat dissipation effect, convenient installation and maintenance.It is easy to clean, to improve the cooling tower cooling effect, corrosion resistant.

L-type nozzle is characterized by a hollow conical spray can produce the shape of the spray angle of up to 140 ° higher. L-shaped hollow cone-shaped nozzle injection area into a ring, in a wide range of flow rate and pressure generated uniform distribution, the droplet size is small to medium spray, even if it is under low pressure conditions, the liquid can also be a good fog This is especially true in applications where shock is required to heat exchange or to require an effective suspension of suspended droplets.

L-shaped hollow cone-shaped nozzle has a unique flow chamber structure, its large and smooth flow channel, can reduce or eliminate the blocking phenomenon. L-type hollow cone nozzle work resistance, low energy consumption, is a highly efficient energy-saving nozzle products.

Operating temperature range of -30 ℃ ∽ 120 ℃, can withstand a higher working pressure of 4 bar. L-type nozzle is widely used in central air conditioning, textile, chemical, metallurgy, construction and other industries.

Features of Cooling Tower Spray Nozzles

1, Uniform water distribution
The product of low cost, stable quality, splashed out of the water droplets uniform and fine,Splash full densely populated.

2, Long service life
Our Cooling nozzles have long service life, which reduced the change frequency of  nozzles,  to improve work efficiency, save the cost.

3, Prevent clogging
Cooling nozzle outlet require small pressure , and water distribution is uniform, save energy consumption, carrying capacity is strong, not easy to jam.

4, Easy installation and maintenance
Running with stability and small mechanical noise, no flying water or wave water phenomenon,with long using cycle , easy to maintain, save time and effort.

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