Revolving Sprinkler Cooling Tower Spray Nozzle

Revolving Sprinkler Cooling Tower Spray Nozzle

Material: ABS

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Revolving Sprinkler Cooling Tower Spray Nozzle

This offer for the XinLing water cooling tower 75 dedicated rotating sprinkler nozzle, the installation of thread 85mm; The following is the introduction of this cooling tower nozzle:

Spreading the flow over more surface area allows for lower fill velocities and a reduction in fan power requirements. Colder water for the same heat of rejection can be achieved with less flow while maintaining the same air mass flow. The nozzle maintains the same flow pattern as the flow rate varies, preventing a severe degradation in tower performance.

Reduced water flow in a conventional tower with fixed orifice/nozzle water distribution will produce uneven fill wetting. When this happens the air stream will tend to travel through the fill area with no water and will not mix properly with the fill area that has the water.

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