Three Layers Plastic Cooling Tower Nozzles

Three Layers Plastic Cooling Tower Nozzles

Material: ABS
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Three Layers Plastic Cooling Tower Nozzles

Cooling tower with a splash device is a three-splash nozzle. (With DN43, DN48, DN60 three specifications to choose from) Bottom of the bottle-shaped interface and the tapered nozzle is also followed by coaxial spacing set in turn the outer diameter of the large splash plate, A small splash pan and a tapered water head; and a connecting rod which is arranged at least two circumferentially arranged vertical sets is fixed on a socket type bottle-shaped interface, and a splitter plate and a small splash water pan are also dividedly divided into a cone Shaped nozzle and coaxial and tapered nozzle mouth inner diameter smaller than the inner diameter of the small leakage of small holes and small leakage holes, large splash water tray and small water splash plate for the arc-like hemisphere, The water head is a tapering cone.

Product Description: ABS plastic material for a plastic injection molding, high strength and long service life. The nozzle water evenly, the work of low water pressure (nozzle outlet working pressure is only 0.6mH2O), the pressure to adapt to a large, difficult to plug. With its specially designed locking anti-loosening device, it can be connected with the cloth water pipe firm, do not fall off, can guarantee the long-term safe operation of water distribution system. Under normal conditions of use, the nozzle life of 20 years.

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