Wastewater Treatment MBBR Biofilm Carrier Media

Wastewater Treatment MBBR Biofilm Carrier Media

Material: PE
Model: PE01-10

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MBBR bio filter media  for water treatment

Mbbr(moving bed biofilm reactor) media is a novel biologically active carrier, it adopts scientific formula, depending on the nature of water, blending a variety of beneficial microorganisms grow quickly attached trace elements in polymer materials, through a special process modification, construction, with more than large surface area, hydrophilic, high biological activity, biofilm fast, good effect, good impact resistance.

1. The MBBR media can be used both domestic and industrial waste water
2. accelerate the reaction rate significantly, compared with the activated sludge process, reaction efficiency 5-10 times
3. simultaneous nitrification and denitrification process, it can be a good denitrification and phosphorus removal
4. no need bracket, just put in the MBBR media directly. Our media packing free flow and cutting air bubbles in water, increase dissolved oxygen in water, save energy consumption.
1. Special design of surface, stronger bio-film growth capacity
2. Large specific surface area, high voidage, the more periphyton biomass.
3. Unique design of structure and shape according hydromechanics, strong-three dimensions flow dynamics in the water
4. Adding hydrophilic groups and other trace elements, the biofilm formation time only 3-15 days
5. Excellent impact strength, strong gas shear capacity
6. Without any holder, easy to cure, save energy and space.

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