Water Spray Nozzles for Cooling Tower

Water Spray Nozzles for Cooling Tower

Material: PVC,PP,ABS
Sample: Available

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Water Spray Nozzles for Cooling Tower

Are cooling tower nozzles important?  Cooling Water can be effectively cooled only if it is properly distributed in to the fine particles for it get cooled to the required temperature. The Spray Nozzle, the cheapest in Value of the cooling tower parts, but plays a critical role in deciding the efficiency & size of the cooling tower.

SINTA is the Manufacturer for Nozzles different shapes & in different orifice sizes for achieving flow characteristics. Every Nozzle has different levels of spread zones to split the water in to the droplets as possible. Sizes of the droplets are also very important as too small droplets may get carried away by the cooling air & heavier film formation may act as a hindrance to the flow path of the cooling air. Within these two extremes, Nozzles are designed by the designer & supplied according to the client needs.

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